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The full text, with comments.

The games held within the Project have no an ultimate goal to carry out 100% the balanced clash. Each party has both weak, and strengths. Task of each party: most effectively to use that equipment and those arms that are attributed to them according to modern ochs (the current year) by USMC and MSV RA in the current tactical situation. In a case with use of irregular structures, various fighters and band.formirovany their arms remain to the discretion of mapmaker. 25-03-2011
In missions, there is not and wont be any balance, the aim is to recreate the combat situations

The games held within the Project as don't aspire to 100% for realism. The purpose of games - modeling of fighting collisions on the basis of equipment available in the game Arma II and arms, no more.

Generalizing the aforesaid we declare that the games held on Tushino:
- don't aspire to realism, for receiving feelings of realism a request to address in the Foreign Legion.
- don't strive for balance, for balance address to simulators of chess.

Спойлер [+]

Спойлер [+]


1 . Murder of bots, role change during game.
The player receives the prevention at violation of any of following rules of paragraph 1. The repeated violation of the rules of paragraph 1 conducts to a termless ban.
1.1 It is forbidden to occupy foreign bots and to come into foreign bots during game. If such action happened by mistake - players can settle a question among themselves; intended actions of such character are forbidden.
1.2 Murder of the bot, as well as any other action in its relation, made for the purpose of a taking by its equipment, the weapon, ammunition, release of a place taken by it in vehicle is forbidden any sort. This rule works during freeztime. In exceptional cases with the permission of Platoon Leader "plunders" of bots are possible, but also in this case the bot shouldn't remain without the main arms and ammunition to it.
Спойлер [+]

1.3 Recalling in any other bot after game start (appearance of players on a game landscape after a briefing), excepting the cases getting under item 2.2 is forbidden.
1.4 Recalling in time a frieze time in different bots for the purpose of their disarmament/rearmament is forbidden. Comments to item 1.2 here don't work. 22-03-2011

2 . Murder of the player (players) of the party
2.1 . Intended murder of the player of the party, without the weighty bases on that is forbidden.
2.2 . Involuntary manslaughter of the player (players), including on respawn.
Possible decisions:
- Frieze time. Responsible or responsible for incident have to propose to leave game the killed/the killed перезашли in live bots. If such offer didn't arrive, and game is in a freezetime - the question of restart of mission is solved with the administrator of game through the commander of the party.
- During game, after a freezetime, restart of game it won't be made because of involuntary manslaughters of players of the party. The player who has made offense can be punished. In any case the player who has made offense can't refuse to the killed his requirement to release the slot. In case the killed more than one - the question of occupation of the conceded slot solves KO. Also, KO having the right to refuse to the killed the slot requirement.

2.3 In case it is a question of players of groups - their commanders or functions executing them can be guided by any rules. In case such trial mentions more than 1 group - considering have to be guided by this Declaration.

3 Communication.
3.1 Flood in server chats, the TSA voice channels, is considered any participation in it, retraction in flood of others violation. Flood is meant as conversation not on a subject or a deviation from constructive discussion.
- On games SG, the game chat is used at a stage of occupation of slots by the game administrator and commanders of parties/offices for permission of any questions.
- Ordinary fighters can use a game chat only concerning occupation of slots in a stage of occupation of slots.
- The game chat at a stage of a briefing can be used only concerning mission planning.
3.2 The public insult with use of voice means of communication is forbidden, except for cases when it is put in the game world and becomes not for the sake of an insult, and for the sake of achievement of other purposes.

3.3 Any insults on information platforms of the project and servers of voice communication (especially out of games) are forbidden.
Order observance at forums is watched by moderators of forums.

4. Dishonest game. Use of bugs of game.
4.1. Use of "disappearing textures" is a known bug of game. Use of this bug for the purpose of obtaining any information which can be used in planning of any actions is inadmissible. In case of exposure of the player in intended use of a such bug punishment will follow, up to discharge from games.
4.2. Bug use with movement or shelter under water (river, sea).
It is necessary to remember that some equipment has positive buoyancy. At some options of descent of such equipment on water there can be its deepening, but there is no effect of buoyancy. In case the player driver or crew as a whole sees opportunity to rescue equipment and to bring her out of water on a land – it has to in the shortest way and in the shortest time to bring equipment to the coast. In this case the crew has to abstain as much as possible from destruction from "underwater state" of the opponent but only in case the opponent doesn't disturb the crew plan on a conclusion of equipment to a land.
4.3 Deliberate use of any bugs which haven't been described in this article, also isn't admissible.
4.3.1 In case of situation emergence when the player got stuck somewhere, and thus textures or objects became for it transparent, and at once can't get out, it should make any of the following actions:
- to press revival and by that to stop game;
- to lay out all arms (except a handheld transceiver, hours and the card) and "to be given" (there is such function in Arm, it is carried out by a separate key, by default it isn't appointed);
- to try to get out of a trap in the shortest terms;
In any case, even having possibility of firing on the opponent, got stuck it is forbidden to engage. It can a voice, in the Shout mode, notify the opponent on the distress. After detection of the "got stuck" player by the opponent "got stuck" it isn't allowed to use a handheld transceiver, but it is possible to use possibility of conversation by a voice. The opponent can't demand from the "got stuck" player anything, except silence observance. Only in case of disobedience to this requirement "got stuck" can be killed.
Jamming imitations, intended use got stuck as baits, traps, the territory mining near "got stuck" (after such incident) is forbidden.



Arrangement on slots.
The command roles occupied with fighters in office, have to be executed. Thus, risen in the slot TO will carry out a role of the commander of office. At his death the role TO passes or according to the internal organization of Group, or players following on the list.
All offices have to be presented in the channel the Staff (соотв.стороны) in the course of a briefing by the Commanders.
The commander unconditionally is the player who has occupied the slot KO.
In case one group occupies more than 1 office and all these offices are under command of fighters of this group, the group can send only 1 KO or other command unit to a staff. Presence at a staff of others TO this group isn't obligatory, but desirable.

Command of the party.
It is carried out by the Commander of the Party. KS can be chosen as vote or self-promotion, on games in one day of KS can be different. Commanders of Groups and other command units have to submit completely KS and try to carry out the task set by it. At arrangement of big groups, completely or prevailing the occupying more than 1 office, KS is desirable to build the plan so that these offices worked in one direction. In the absence of objection from the commander of Group or its representative, office formed by Group can be directed on performance of different tasks.

Non-compliance with an order.
During game:
In the course of a briefing or distribution of slots in case KO, a part of group, refuses to execute the order KS, it can:
- to leave the slot LO and to concede it to other fighter of the group if it is allowed by rules of group and will cause performance of the order KS.
- to offer itself for KS role. In case him support more than a half of commanders/representatives of other groups (1 voice from each presented group) the current KS has to give way to the new. Such action can't take more than 2 minutes.
The groups which intentionally aren't executing orders KS will be brought out of the list of the registered Groups or not to be accepted in this list as group.
- At non-obedience of KO, ZKO or other command unit as a part of the office, not executing order of the direct commander it can be shot on a place, except for cases when the order directly / it isn't proved can lead to Project violation of the rules. 5-01-2013

After game, non-compliance with an order:
- Trial concerning the fighter of structure of office: in case non-obedience doesn't attract fatal consequences, i.e. has no obvious impact on result of game, the decision on punishment is made TO together with AI and KS. In case at least 2 and more roles from the listed list are occupied by 1 person, AP can be involved in decision-making.
- Trial concerning KO/ZKO or any command unit of office is conducted by Project Administration according to KS and IA petition.
In case non-obedience doesn't attract fatal consequences, i.e. has no obvious impact on result of game, transfer of the player to the role which hasn't been combined from any sort by command or management of equipment for a period of 1 week, either the prevention, or discharge from Games follows.
In case it is a question of players of groups - their commanders or functions executing them can be guided by any rules. In case such trial mentions more than 1 group - considering have to be guided by this Declaration.

1 . These rules work in that part in which are published for date of their application to a concrete situation.
2 . The system of rules, recommendations and penalties for their non-performance has case character. In process of emergence in game of disputable situations of the rule will be finished.
3 . All decisions on punishments, the disputed game issues, improvement of these rules if it isn't specified other order, are accepted by Board. The board consists of representatives of Administration of the Project and Game Administrators. By common consent Boards in adoption of such decisions can be allowed and other participants of the project. Discussion of action of board is possible only in case the Board, after the publication of the decision obviously indicates such opportunity.
4 . All preventions or other administrative measures are led up in an oral form on the server of voice communication of the Project, or by their publication on an official information platform of the Project.
5 . Discharge from games on the server is provided with forces of Administration of the Project, according to the decision of Board or other decisions designated in the Declaration.
6 . Discharge from games for technical reasons (for example, discrepancy of versions demanded obligatory п \about or its absence) is assigned to Technical Administration. Appeals according to its decisions are accepted only from the Players having the status the Participant of the Project above.

The "Serious Games to Tushino" project officially uses one information platform - tsgames.ru (серьёзныеигры.рф)
Discussions on this platform have official character. Despite any other rules the below-specified rules will work:
AP will make the decision on the admission of participants of the project before games: starting flood, participating in it, and also in a sharp, direct or allegoric form of other participants of the project condemning, discussing or offending action, and also creating other subjects for discussions on the above platforms, out of the specified subjects or site sections, on other sites. As actions of other participants of the project in this context it is understood as action directly in game, and on official and other information platforms.
Discussion of actions of other players, accepting any character, except valid, can be punished to the discretion of Project Administration.

The Game Administrators (GA) share on mACE of administrators and SG-Administrators. They provide in Management the petition for discharge from Games of violators in соотв. to subject with the indication of term of discharge. In case of absence at board of objections the term declared to news agency is established. Otherwise the situation understands Administration, it is desirable in the presence of the IA which has submitted an application. Presence thus the player concerning whom trial is conducted, his Commander (Group or Office) also isn't obligatory.
Appeals are accepted only from the Players having the status the Participant of the Project or above.

The text of this Declaration cancels the shined provisions of the Reduced text.


P.S. Писал с ноутбука, возможны ошибки. Увидите - скрин, и отправляет в лс с описанием.

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